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I believe that everyone is a storyteller at heart, it's just the medium with which they choose to convey their tale that's different. Some may choose the spoken word, telling their story through the stage, radio, film or television. Others may choose another channel such as newspapers or magazines. However, nothing beats reading a good book and I have endeavoured to do this with my stories. Initially published by Rain Publishing of Ontario, Canada, Cromarty Biggs Powder Monkey is now available for Kindle on Amazon and in hardback through Feed A My second novel, In Search of the Beast can be found through the same publishing outlets.

Writing is a passion and being a full time wrtier is the ambition. I have self-published my two novels and have other projects in the pipeline. A stage play, a screenplay and television drama are all in progress, and I hope to have them ready for consideration soon. In the meantime, my blog at helps me through the periods of writer's block.


I am open to offers for writing opportunities and would welcome the chance to write for you!

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