Events & Workshops

I'm happy to discuss my work and give advice on Creative Writing at any time. Please feel free to contact me to arrange a workshop. 


Below, you'll find buttons linking you to my free online Writer's Seminar where I give advice on how to turn those creative juices into a more substantial literary meal!

Free Online Writer's Seminar

When in the Rain Publishing stable of authors, I was asked to prepare an online seminar for aspiring writers. My brief was to prepare it with the demographic at which my novels were targeted in mind. To that end, it is written with a view to writing for children 12 years and older, but the advice, I feel, is the same whatever the age of your target audience.  

Writer's Seminar Module 1

Who is my Audience?

This module explores the market for readers of 12+ years. It promotes discussion on researching what this age group is reading at the moment, where to look for ideas for stories and the content of those tales.

Writer's Seminar Module 2

Planning & Storyline

This module discusses the planning process necessary to structure the storyline/plot of your novel.

Writer's Seminar Module 3


This module discusses the characters in a story and the level of understanding writers need of them to make them believable to their readers.

Writer's Seminar Module 4

Rewrites & Edits

This module discusses the rewriting and editing processes a manuscript must go through before it is ready for publishing.

Writer's Seminar Module 5


This module discusses writing for specific genres within the 12+ age group and concludes by discussing the learning points from week 4 of the seminar.

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